Assimilation of details about Osama Bin Laden's Hideout Compound in Abbottabad (Pakistan)

The entire print and electronic media, including the world wide web, is abuzz with one prominent news only since Monday (02/05/2011)---  the news of US Forces pinning down Osama Bin Laden's Hideout Compound located in the military dominated township of Abbottabad in the very vicinity of Pakistan's capital city of Islamabad.

While the entire gambit of the geopolitical angle to this entire sequence of events-- that included tracking & pinning down and then eliminating Osama Bin Laden inside this very ostentatious hideout compound by the super elite anti-terrorist squad of the United States of America-- is in itself nothing less than a gigantic maze (the exact sitemap to which could actually be with the US elite services/squads, and/or Pakistani selected few in the military/ government/ ISI/ etc., and/or perhaps some other third parties too!); but the fact that this hideout compound in Abbottabad (Pakistan) that Osama Bin Laden was using was although more or less ordinary looking, yet was built like nothing short of a fortress of sorts.

The manner this hideout compound was built and operated right under the nose of the elite Pakistan Military Academy is already providing ample ammunition to the people around the world to raise fingers on Pakistan in every suspicious manner.

A few salient details, inferred from various web sources about the Abbottabad (Pakistan) hideout compound that Osama Bin Laden was using, are assimilated hereunder for ready reference of our readers who would like to know more about this hideout:
  • The hideout compound was located in the garrison township of Abbottabad, located somewhere in the middle of route leading to Afghanistan border from Pakistan's national capital city of Islamabad. One could reach this township in less than 4 hours driving down from Islamabad.
  • The building is located within strikingly short distance from Pakistan's National Military Academy, and built somewhat as a seclusion fortress in similar fashion that Pakistan's infamous intelligence services (ISI) reportedly uses elsewhere to protect and seclude high worth profile entities.
  • Satellite imageries of the area reveal that the building, that was about 8 to 10 times size of the other buildings in the vicinity, was built sometime in the year 2005.

  • Despite reports carried out in many a websites, news channels and other media sources depicting the building as nothing less than a luxurious mansion, the fact of the matter (of course, as inferred by us-- 'Team bricks-n-mortar'-- after seeing and analyzing the building from pictures released by various agencies) is that the building was given substantially ordinary outlook so that it could gel well with the rest of the neighboring buildings, and that it should not stand out from the rest. However, its overall size as well as dimensions of certain building elements (like boundary/ protecting walls) combined with reportedly typical ISI style construction ultimately made it to actually stand out making the US elite forces to believe some very very high value entity was secured there.

  • The building was designed in such a manner to provide ample privacy as well as security to whoever that could inhabit the building. Provision of more than normally high boundary walls (ranging between 8 feet to 18 feet); passage/ terrace/ balcony parapet walls (about 7 feet high); 2 nos. security gates within the compound; ample free area within the overall compound that could be sufficient enough to land helicopters therein; and natural camouflage provided by distantly surrounding hillocks and thick cover provided by trees-- all this seems to be work of well thought-out and strategical painstaking planning.
  • Last, but strangely, as far as the initial reports are tumbling out-- no dungeons, or underground hideouts, or bunkers, or stuff like this were found in the building. It could however be possible, upon further scrutiny and/or release of information by agencies involved in cleaning up the act, that underground connecting escape tunnels and/or more hideouts be found out making more skeletons to tumble out nailing the never ending lies of Pakistan establishments of not harboring and nurturing terrorists as well as terror related propaganda.

Disclaimer: This post is essentially an assimilation of inferences/ references/ etc. drawn from various inputs available all around the world wide web. This blog however is and/or will not be in a position to authenticate the veracity of the facts, images, inferences, references, etc. as such in any manner whatsoever. Images & primary content sources are 'Various' that primarily include- cnn(dot)com, businessinsider(dot)com, etc.

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