Home painting ideas --- Is pure white color the new in-thing for exterior / interior home painting?

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People of all classes and masses worldwide (of course excluding the super rich category who never have to bother about budgets and durability and planning), till a few decades backs, simply used to not consider to paint their homes plain white.

This wasn't because they used to think that plain white would look too simple or too plain or too monotonous, but because white color was considered not as durable enough to withstand for a couple of years as compared to other colors. Painting one's home pure white although having many advantages like providing a peaceful and high-end aura to the building, yet the thought of the white exterior getting discolored or dirty weighed more in people's mind.

But gone are those days now. Majority of classes of people around the world are experiencing better earnings, better lifestyles and adopting higher standards of living. This has resulted in changing one's usual mindset and choice criteria too.

HOUSE PAINTING IDEA --- Coloring one's home pure white provides serene outlook

And, with all this change happening, one can easily figure out a lot lot many households going for pure white paint exteriors, which not only provides
serene outlook to their homes, but also allows one to experiment with some of darker contrasts going in with minor elements of the building like roofs, beams, columns, and other architectural features.

By the way, what is your opinion on this matter? Would you ever plan to have pure white exterior and/or interior for your home/ building?

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  1. I was doubtful earlier till I read this post; but I'm convinced now after getting your viewpoint which is very encouraging.

    Just a few points..
    a) what kind of paint would be suitable for interiors?
    b) what kind of paint would be suitable for exteriors?

    Thanks in advance. By the way, this is really an informative blog, and much much simpler and attractive than others out there. Good work indeed.

  2. Hey Anoushka
    Big thanks for liking our blog.

    Regarding your two queries, check out one of our earlier blog posts http://bit.ly/zNsIV7

    Should you have any further query or need any more information, feel free to write in to us.

  3. I was amazed by the kind of rates painters are charging these days as we are nearing the festival season. People have gone crazy. In your opinion what should be paid for a normal distemper painting in an old house (the conditions of walls are just ok and bit bad)

  4. Dear Ms. Dubey, while it is very difficult to guesstimate the kind of work quantum involved without seeing a picture or paying a visit to the location, the broad labour cost estimate for good quality acrylic based distemper painting on old walls (assuming the wall plastering is in good condition) may range from INR 5 to INR 8 per square foot. The material cost shall be over and above this cited labour cost.

    We do agree that the skilled persons take customers for a ride these days before festivals, especially in the cities and other urban areas. This because they know majority of people in cities now do not bargain much and are ready to spend high rates too. It is the ordinary budget conscious people who suffer due to this as they have limited budgets. Anyways, contact the painters and ask for 3 to 4 quotes. Preferably, place an order on those painters who have already worked for you or in your locality as some sense of acquaintance is there in such cases, which is relatively helpful in one way or the other.


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