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We all, at some point of time, carry out activities relating to construction and/or renovation of our home / work spaces, isn't it?

In context, allow us to ask you a very simple question...

While carrying out Building interiors, Building Design or Home Improvement related activities, what are the factors which influence one's decisions in choosing & selecting a particular brand / design / make / finish of a particular product?

1.  Product's advertisements in print/electronic media
2.  A friend's or relative's suggestion
3.  The salesman at the showroom/shop
4.  A Professional's advice who is apt in this field of work
5.  All of the above
6.  None of the above

Let us know what you think happens most of the times via comments/ email.

And who knows, one of you might become the lucky one to get a gift voucher from a leading "Home Furnishing" store operating pan India.

(Representative image of a showroom offering building products)
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Rehana, a member of #bricksNmortar community has shared a couple of pictures she clicked yesterday evening at #Delhi 's #ChandniChowk #Metro Station exit near the historical Sis Ganj Gurudwara. 

It was raining harsh in the evening, and the already busy & crowded Chandni Chowk Metro Station got even more crowded unto the brim as people started standing at the station gates not willing to get wet in the rain. BricksNmortar Edesk is of the opinion that such crowded public places become a relatively danger zones once the flow of commuters/ passengers start swelling with every minute passing by.


Rehana briefly explained to us how the crowd, comprising of a varied mix of the elderly, toddlers, kids, women and men, became susceptible to a possible mishap with every passing minute and every unruly push from behind!

"It was quite a chaotic scene" she quipped. "No one was willing to walk outside the station gates and get drenched. The folks standing at the gate were getting pushed from behind from the people coming in from behind, unawares of the fact that the gates weren't getting vacated thereby making way for others to go. A mishap could easily have been on the cards. Luckily, the rain slowed down after almost an hour at around 19:30 hours IST, and the crowd started dispersing. The metro station complex housed in the basement area also got a bit ventilated with lesser crowd to handle."

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) should ensure that the common passage areas at the exits of all major metro stations (if not all of them) be covered with translucent sheeting over light framed steel structure so that such areas remain lighted during the day, and can provide transit shelter to the people for a certain amount of time in case of situations like rain. This shall help keep the inside of the station complexes not too much crowded and therefore workable in contingent situations.


Simple Yet Enchanting Guest House Building in a Remote Village in Central India

Monday, May 02, 2016 ||| POST TAGS ==> , ,

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Sharing with our readers a simple but well maintained guest house in a remote village in Central part of India, the beauty of which lies in its simplicity, architectural evenness, level of detailing in its execution & serene white outlook sprinkled with a dash of contrast colour elements.

So, what exactly makes a building/ structure look elegant? Is it the architecture, or design elements, or the finish of the surfaces & details, or the paint shade combinations, or the dash of greenery to go alongwith as a refreshing contrast?

We believe its a bit of everything in certain right combinations amongst themselves. However, the key thing out of the aforecited factors that stands out and shout out loud in its favour-- its the finishes of the surfaces and intrinsic details therein along with right colour selection, which shows up as the key highlight points.

Opinions/ Comments / Observations , if any, are welcome

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