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For all the commuters using the Delhi - Noida Direct expressway / flyway, acronymed as DND in usual jargon, this might be a #NewsOfUse

Following a petition and Court Orders in India, CAG to audit the accounts of Noida Toll Bridge Company, which operates the #DND Flyway to check the contractual terms & if the company has already realized the profit under deemed terms & conditions.

Delhi Noida Direct Flyway (DND)If the CAG ascertains through course of its investigation that the DND Flyway Company has already pocketed the deemed profit amount, after achieving the break-even for the project cost in incurred, they shall recommend scrapping of the collection of toll at this flyway.

This development is important for India's commuters, planners, road developers, infrastructure companies & allied government departments in more than one way. 

While, collection of requisite toll charges is valid for an infrastructure project which was conceived that way only between a particular government / semi-government body and a road development company. The most common mode of planning for such projects off late is the 'BOT' mode, which stands for 'Build-Operate-Transfer'. As per the usual terms & conditions of such projects, the developer chalks out the actual techno-commercial viability of a particular project (which in first place was conceived by a government body on papers/plans). The developer then builds the infrastructure project with its own and borrowed (financed) capital; and then operates it once the project is ready.


Good Time for Non-Citizens & Non-Permanent Residents in Australia Looking to Buy A Real Estate Property

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Australia - Indicative Map and Zoning
If you are an individual or an entity other than Australian citizens and Australian Permanent Residents, who always intended to buy and own a Real Estate property in Australia, perhaps it can't be a better time than now in this decade.

The Australian federal government reportedly have heeded to the long-pending demands of the country's real estate developers about formulating certain mitigating plans to tackle the problem of glut of apartments by removing a restriction on foreigners (read- Non-Citizens & Non-Permanent Residents in Australia- for the term 'Foreigner' here in this context) buying new dwellings, reports 'The Australian' on November 28, 2016. This, in fact, implies that the home sales via usual routes of auction as well as direct buy-outs saw increased successful transactions off late.

On hindsight, the rules pertaining to the purchase of an Australian real estate entity by anyone other than Australian citizens and Permanent Residents were reasonably complex especially after measures recommended by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) were put in force in December 2015 along with plausible clauses of compliance and heavy penalty to the defaulters.


We all, at some point of time, carry out activities relating to construction and/or renovation of our home / work spaces, isn't it?

In context, allow us to ask you a very simple question...

While carrying out Building interiors, Building Design or Home Improvement related activities, what are the factors which influence one's decisions in choosing & selecting a particular brand / design / make / finish of a particular product?

1.  Product's advertisements in print/electronic media
2.  A friend's or relative's suggestion
3.  The salesman at the showroom/shop
4.  A Professional's advice who is apt in this field of work
5.  All of the above
6.  None of the above

Let us know what you think happens most of the times via comments/ email.

And who knows, one of you might become the lucky one to get a gift voucher from a leading "Home Furnishing" store operating pan India.

(Representative image of a showroom offering building products)
#TechTrivia | #BuildingDesign | #InteriorDesign | #HomeImprovement | #bricksNmortar

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