Ever Heard of Melody Creating Motorways (Motorable Roads)? Yepp, that's as Real as you've just Read!

Imagine a motorway (motorable road) creating musical notes for you to listen and enjoy while you drive your car on it, albeit at a specified safe speed limit.

Sounds crazy and unbelievable?!! No, its really not untrue! Such roads do exist in various parts of the World, and they are commonly termed as "Asphaltophone"

Interesting, isn't it? Then read on...

Melody generating motorways (road stretches that make melody)
The melody creating motorways can now be found across the globe
The first of the reported and known musical roads, the Asphaltophone, was created two Danish artists, Steen Krarup Jensen and Jakob Freud-Magnus, in the city of Gylling, Denmark in the year 1995. 

They made it from a series of raised pavement markers, spaced out at intermittent intervals so that when a vehicle drives over the markers at a certain speed, the vibrations caused by the wheels create some musical tone, which can be heard as rumble music inside the car.

Thereafter, in Japan, one Mr. Shizuo Shinoda had accidentally scraped some markings onto a road stretch with a bulldozer, upon which when he drove over, a certain melody generated. He realized and foresaw that it was possible to create melody tunes depending on the depth and spacing of the grooves etched on the road's top coat, on which a vehicle's tyres touch and glide. 

The concept works by means of using grooves and cuts and mounds, which are cut/erected at very specific intervals in the road surface. Depending on how far apart the grooves are, a car moving over them will produce a series of high or low notes, enabling the car tyres to create distinct tunes.

Melody generating roads

And, someday, who knows if driving on roads the tyres could also get the driving batteries charged along with generating digital music just by driving on the humble motorway :-)

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