[TechTalk]: What are 'Cadastral maps' or 'Khasra maps' or 'Land Parcel maps'?

A number of emails, tweets and queries that come to us by different other means every now and then ask a similar question -- What are 'Cadastral maps' or 'Khasra maps' or 'Land Parcel maps'?

While we have been replying to all these queries as and when they have come to us, we think it would better to put it down in the form of a blog post here on bricks-n-mortar.com for ready reference of one and all who seek to find an answer to these terms.

Cadastral maps | Khasra maps | Land Parcel maps

In simple words, Cadastral maps, or Khasra maps, or Land Parcel maps are the documented mapping drawing sheets that are used to record and depict the actual boundaries and extents of the land ownership by different people, families, localities, villages, towns, et al. 

A few different methods used for demarcating various land parcels

They are primarily used as quasi-legal documents to record and ensure reliable facts for land ownership, demarcation, boundaries, dimensions, valuation, taxation and the likes by means of recording the factual on-site data methodologically reproduced on paper sheets in the form of documents, diagrams, sketches, plans, plats, charts, maps, etc. etc.

Brief history of Origin & Usage of Cadastral maps

The origin of the word 'Cadastre' dates long back in the modern history which perhaps originated from French and/or Latin word - 'Capitastrum', which more or less meant- 'methodological listing of taxable asset entities'. While land boundaries and extents were even demarcated in ancient history as well by means of physical and/or natural dividing structures/ fences/ stone works/ etc.; representing these multitude of land parcels of a particular bigger chunk of area in down-scaled and measurable miniature versions on drawing paper sheets was perhaps what could have started make and use of the 'Land Parcel Maps' or 'Cadastral Maps' or 'Khasra Maps'.

In a nutshell...
The cadastral/ khasra/ land parcel maps records & depicts the following typical information (however not necessarily all of them, and not just limited to them too!):

  • Boundaries and demarcations of land (state boundaries; boundaries of administrative-territorial units; land extents recording ownership;
  • The boundaries and identifiers of real estate entities (as on ground)
  • Locations, extents, routes and identifiers of public structures & utilities like streets, water bodies, transportation means, power lines alignment,
  • Land use pattern (which includes demarcation & identification of land patches as government, private, agricultural, industrial, residential, grazing, waste lands, etc.)
  • Other relevant and important topographical features pertaining to demarcated land parcels.
Some of the Map Symbols used in Cadastral maps | Khasra maps | Land Parcel maps
A few typical symbols utilized in Khasra/ Cadastral/ Land Parcel Maps
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End Note:
A Khasra map is the synonym or similar type of land identification and records information map like the Cadastral map. This term is more predominantly used in the Indian subcontinent, especially in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.

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