Common Household Utility & Services related Problems encountered post Festivities and Party Seasons

Its a common adage that the plumbers, electricians and home cleaning agencies are in very high demand post the festival seasons like Christians' Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter festivals; Hindus' & Sikhs' Diwali, Holi, Gurpurab festivals; Buddhists' Mahaparinirvana festival, Jewish Hanukkah & Purim festivals; Muslims' Eid & Ramzan festivals; Japanese' Matsuri & Hanami festivals; Chinese lantern festival; besides scores of festivals and party seasons observed around the world.

And to top it all, it was the New Years Eve just 2 days back when the scores and scores of households around the world would again have partied all night long.

Team BricksnMortar hereby presents the commonest of household utility & services related problems that prompt the necessity of urgent repairs and maintenance services post such festivities and party seasons. So, if you are also facing one of these problems, its perhaps the high time you make a call to ask for a serviceman at your convenient earliest possible to rectify the problem:

Problematic Symptom(s)
Suggested Preliminary Action
Anticipated Professional Help That May Be Required
Messed-up house interiors & utilities after the parties & get togethers
Take account of your personals and store the valuables under proper respective storages/ places.
Take assistance of home cleaning agencies if the scale of work is more than what you personally or as a family can manage
Clogged and choked drain waste pipes of kitchen sinks and/or washroom basins Put boiled water with vinegar as well as baking soda ash down the drainage. You may use readymade drain cleaning mild acids / reagents as well (with due care ofcourse)
If the sink/ basin drain pipes & main drains are too greasy to be opened with self-help, there is no other way than to see a professional plumber.
Stinking, soiled, choked, clogged sanitary-ware (lavatories, urinals, faucets, etc.) Besides using the aforementioned reagents and boiling water, try making use of vacuum pressure pumps (in case available with you, and in case you can bear the agony of doing it yourself!).
In most of the cases where the problem is severe, a professional sewer man may only prove to be of use who shall visit your place with his gadgets and handy tools.
Soiled, blotted, dirty carpets, linen and furnishings Rub mild cleaning reagent or mild mixture of baking soda and warm water and cleanse the hard spots. Blot up the excess moisture from the surface  by placing an old towel or rug on the spot. Let the surface dry up. You may put some talcum powder also over it upon drying.
Hard stains, pet urination/ excreta, beverage/ food/ grease/ spillovers, etc. may need you to seek help of mobile/ shop drycleaners, and/or home cleaning agencies.
Broken, short-circuited, malfunctioning electrical sockets To be true, most of common households should actually avoid indulging with broken electricals as some wrong move may result in an electrical shock or further complication in the circuits. Knowledgeable households can ofcourse mend the common problems on their own.
Seek services of a local electrician. many a home cleaning agencies also have electricians on board. Ensure that all the circuits, switchboards, sockets, connections and lights are checked for proper functioning.
De-erection, winding up & packing of festive lights, decorative props and similar things
The lightings put up along the fences, roofs, Christmas trees, etc. must be carefully de-erected and packed back. Easier ones and at lower heights can be managed by skillful households by themselves.
Services of a local electrician may be taken in case things are difficult to be managed by self.
Personal health and fitness related issues, fatigue, etc. All of you know this is important. Take good care of yourself and the other members of the family post festive celebrations. Repeated intake of extra calories, compounding fatigue, lack of proper sleep are a few personal aspects that all households should take care of.
Visit spas, yoga centers, therapy & meditation classes, or whichever place where you may relax your body and mind. This shall unwind you, and is most essential to gear up for the days ahead  :-)

With these common tips, BricksnMortar Edesk hereby wishes all the patrons, subscribers, RSS feed readers, visitors and everyone else connected to this blog a very happy, prosperous, blissful and merrily memorable new year 2012.

May all your dreams be bonded bricks-by-brick with the mortar of eternal love and togetherness. We shall look forward to be of more use to you in this new year and the times to come. Post title: Common household utility & services related problems encountered post festivities and Party Seasons
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  1. Of all, I love the way your blog presents the posts in an interesting manner, and with matching illustrations, pictures, images, etc. Awesome stuff for sure.

    I need to get my carpets cleaned. So thanks for providing the useful reminder and tips xoxo

  2. I must thank your blog for providing all this information in a simpler tabulated manner, the way I have never ever got anywhere else on the internet. The simplicity and illustrativeness of your blog is what appeals to me as well (the way the previous comment attributes it to you). Let me try if I can clean my sick kitchen sink that has been crying for help all this festive season. Wish me luck you friendly guys at bricks-n-mortar :-)


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