5 good reasons why choosing professional home cleaning & maintenance services is worth in today's scenario

Yesterday's post here on this blog pondered upon the fact whether the common citizens would ever opt to hire professional home cleaning and maintenance agencies for getting his/her/their homes and dwellings professionally cleaned?

The idea for composing the said post came from a mailer that one of the 'BricksnMortar Edesk' members received on behalf of a leading general insurance company of India, ICICI Lombard, that perhaps seemed stressing on the benefits of utilizing the modern day professional home cleaning and maintenance agencies on account of health consciousness and time management. The reasoning extended in the mailer was good enough, and that is why we thought to share the idea with our readers as well.

Hereby, we are sharing the said mailer with you-- our esteemed readers too-- to know your point of view in this regard...

Cleaning your home periodically is one of the best ways in which you can maintain your home well. Unclean and badly managed houses tend to give way towards dust and hazardous organisms like termites. In this modern world where families tend to remain busy in their own personal lives, people often end up ignoring their homes. This is where a great solution can be found in a professional home cleaning service. Though many people would associate lethargy and high expenses with these services, it has many great advantages to offer.

Maintaining the balance in your family life, social life and home cleaning duties may be a difficult rope walk for you. In this situation, you can fulfill your home’s maintenance demands by hiring a cleaning services company that will clean up your place in an orderly fashion. You will be in a better position to focus on your work and care for your family once your home is taken care of.

If you are thinking of opting for a professional home cleaning company, here are the top 5 reasons why you should go for it:

  • It’s a time saver! Concentrating on your professional and personal life will be all the easier with a professional house cleaning service. With these premium services, you will find yourself with more free time that you can utilize to relax or go socializing with friends.

  • Show me the money! Professional cleaners could help you save your money. By spending some money, you will get skilled professionals who have the right know-how on keeping a house clean. This will surely save all the money you waste on buying useless cleaning products from the market that don’t really help in any way.

  • Day to day benefits! Cleaning the house routinely will be possible with professional cleaners. Compared to your domestic maid whose unannounced absence gets you irritated, cleaning professionals will be much more dependable.

  • Background clear! Doing a background check on your usual maids will be quite difficult and you wouldn’t want to hire someone doubtful. In case of professional cleaning services, the company conducts the necessary background checks on their workers saving you the grief and time.

  • Customized solutions! Finding a maid whose schedule matches your routine day is nearly impossible. This is where the flexible time offerings of cleaning services will have you impressed.
A badly managed house will definitely become a money pit in the end that cannot be handled even with a good home insurance plan. So, the best way to avoid this scenario is with a professional cleaning service that caters to all your home maintenance requirements brilliantly!

So, what do you think? Would you ever hire professional cleaning & maintenance agencies for you home?
Although it is well known that such services are quite common in the developed countries (due to shortage and/or expensive domestic helpers available) and in the office, institutional and commercial arena worldwide, yet we firmly believe the phenomenon has not totally become very popular with the common masses around the globe.

People still prefer to utilize their own efforts to clean their own dwellings, but the perception is likely to change especially in the developing countries, metro cities and larger townships where people are finding lesser and lesser time to spend on home and respective families due to changing lifestyle patterns, higher incomes due to both husband-wife being working professionals, enhanced quality of living, etc. etc.

Should you have any feedback, comment, observation on this topic, do send to us or publish as comment to this post. It would be nice to garner general feedback received from all of you.

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  1. I'd love to get a team in but for two reasons:

    1. Mrs Jason would have the whole family in cleaning before the cleaners came in (and THAT would be a nightmare) because she wouldn't want them "to think we live in a dirty house" - we don't BTW - she just thinks we do.


    2. Mrs Jason wouldn't be happy afterwards anyway!

  2. off course cleaning services companies is better because they know better how to clean the home as well as they have a lot of experience in this field.........

  3. Getting service staff in western countries is next to impossible, as against what is prevalent in most parts of Africa and Asia. In developed countries, hiring professional services on hourly rates once or twice a month is very common, and useful too


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