[Q&A]: What are Oil Derricks in the Oil, Gas & Energy field? How can one source Derricks to start up a business?

Received this query from Marc Wilson- a university student in Tennessee, United States of America- who has sent across his query primarily about Oil Derricks, their utility and allied questions like where do many small and big scale companies source these Oil Derricks from.

It somehow seems from Marc's query that he became interested to know more about this topic after he read an article recently about some fellow alumni who became an enterprising entrepreneur having set up a successful Oil Derricks hire and use business. We plainly are guessing, Marc, that you have started pursuing a similar dream in your ambitious eyes, isn't it? Anyways, our entire team wish you success in your endeavors. We would surely assist you in letting know more about Oil Derricks and their utility.

Q:  What are Oil Derricks?   What is their function in the Oil, Gas & Energy Sector?   Does one need to invest exorbitant amount of money in procuring these equipment if one need to use it to start up a business?

BricksnMortar Edesk answers:

A:  In simple terms, Oil Derricks are essentially the enabling equipment structures that function primarily as a combination of stationary cranes or lifting hoists and the oil rigs that drill pump out the oil & gas from deep within the earth's mantle.

In technical terms, Oil Derricks comprise of a sturdy structural framework (steel portal, tower, etc.) designed to hold an upright stationary shaft section together with a movable boom that is utilized to function vertically in repeated thrust-and-lift motion. It derives its name from Thomas Derrick, a British hangman during the Elizabethan era who invented a type of gallows using a movable beam and pulley system giving it much a resemblance to modern day Oil Derricks.

The function of an Oil Derrick can be understood well by visualizing a four legged tower, firmly stationed at the desired location of oil/gas under-bed, with a vertical and co-axial core drill and pump that is sequentially and repeatedly raised to higher heights centrally and then punched/ drilled into the earth's core slowly and steadily until it reaches the bed that is enriched with crude or gas. The structure of the Derrick performs like a fulcrum-lever utility and thereafter pulls & pumps back the crude or gas.

All of us know how important a commodity the crude and gas have become for the mankind. Umpteen resources are therefore required in the Oil, Gas and Energy sector across the globe wherever this fuel is available. Scores of countries, companies, manpower, plant & machinery are involved in this sector; but still the demand always and always outstrips the supply.

With countless options available for everyone interested in this field, innumerable enterprising  people like your fellow alumni, and now possibly you, keep looking forward to knock the door of opportunity. One need the appropriate technical soundness of the field and functionalities together with confidence, will and guts to start up a successful venture of their own.

As you asked, ofcourse it requires substantial amounts of funds to own even a couple of Oil Derricks that one needs to push-start his/her/their venture. But, luckily, thanks to numerable companies and agencies present across the world that provide assistance and services to even hire/ rent/ lease the desired types and numbers of Oil Derricks and other related equipment/ setups. In fact, a quick search across the internet popped up useful results of websites and agencies that provide such services enabling one to hire/ lease/ purchase used and new Oil Derrick as well as other Oilfield equipment. You may explore one such e-marketplace offering such services that is in fact located in your very area of interest as well.

Last but not the least, we all again wish you success and luck in this endeavor of yours. Hope you would find the content and link useful that we are extending based on our meticulous desk-based research. Do share your ideas and experiences sometime.

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