Salient observations/ complaints/ suggestions/ viewpoints that Delhi Metro Rail (DMRC) must look into ASAP!

Since start of its operations, the Delhi Metro (DMRC) has become the much much anticipated new lifeline of not only the capital city- Delhi, but also the adjoining major suburbs like Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad that comprise the National Capital Region (NCR).

Though the Delhi Metro, as it is commonly called for DMRC in the region, has become the preferred mode of commuting for a large section of society that includes ordinary workers to labourers to executives to government babus to even the ladies traveling alone; there have been certain issues/ glitches that I would like to point out through your blog on behalf of myself and my known ones who feel these issues must be addressed to at the very earliest so as to make the Metro a reliable commuting mode for long.

Common observations/ complaints/ suggestions/ viewpoints that Delhi Metro (DMRC) must look into are:
  1. Irregular frequency of arrival/ departure of trains at peak traffic hours
    Although DMRC has been asserting that the frequency of the trains is maintained at 2 to 4 minutes on all important routes especially at peak hours, yet the reality is far from that. The time between two successive trains touches even as high as 10 to 12 minutes some of the times.

  2. Congested corridors and security check spaces at departure blocks
    Despite several reputed consultants carrying out the Design & Engineering for DMRC, the corridors and security check spaces at departure blocks have not been ably designed not foreseeing the huge masses that queue up at stations daily. Consider the Metro stations like MG Road (on Gurgaon stretch), Rajiv Chowk and adjoining stations at/near Cannaught Place in Delhi, etc. that choke on space at departure blocks.

  3. Inconsistency in maintaining normal train speed
    Now this is very much reminiscent to what we all might have experienced traveling by buses (especially private buses) where the bus drivers drove at their own leisure, replicating a 'turtle' when no competitor bus is behind them, while suddenly turning into a speeding 'hare' otherwise. The Metro, sometimes seem to take commuters for a ride going at its own pace, i.e., sometimes normal and sometimes so very slow.

  4. Overcrowding of platforms, coaches & trains
    This has become a routine and normal situation wherein due to the trains not plying on regular frequency, the platforms become witness overcrowding, which in turn results in overcrowding of the coaches, and therefore, the entire train. Boarding and de-boarding becomes a pain in such circumstances. 

  5. Lack of adequate maintenance of fresh air in coaches during overcrowding/ otherwise
    Overcrowding of coaches bring about yet another major problem-- lack of adequate ventilation for want of fresh air/ conditioned air supply. Fainting of passengers onboard has become another routine affair in the Metro trains, which has been observed mostly in overcrowded coaches. I wonder has DMRC anytime thought about this aspect?

  6. Lack of dedicated parking blocks at certain key metro stations
    While creating an important and valuable infrastructure for a major city like Delhi, the authorities together with the Government and DMRC must have ensured proper parking lots at all the metro stations so that the citizens are supported in leaving their vehicles at the parking lots and thereby helping reduce the pollution risk. However, parking lots are missing from so many of major stations that it transpires as if complete planning failure on part of the concerned agencies.

  7. Frequent technical glitches halting the services now and then
    This needs no further explanation as all must be aware that the occurrences and recurrences of such glitches and technical failures are slowly becoming a norm. DMRC must attend to the problems together with concerned authorities/ agencies to ensure minimum downtime of its services as multitude of people and respective establishments get affected due to this.

  8. Bad construction, bad finishing and unhygienic maintenance of toilet blocks
    Commuters who might have used the toilet blocks at most of the metro stations would join me in throwing brick-bats at the concerned for the dilapidated condition of the sanitary hygiene blocks (even that in newly constructed stations, viz., Delhi-Gurgaon Metro line stations and Delhi-Faridabad line Metro stations). Though the toilet blocks are manned by some caretaker, the toilets do not look different than ugly, dirty & mismanaged public toilets. 'Sulabh' operated toilet blocks (like that at Hauz Khas station) however are a better lot.
These are the few points that come to my mind and I request team bricks-n-mortar and other readers to append other genuine problems/ suggestions/ etc. to the list and forward the same to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) for taking corrective/ bettering measures so that their landmark services remain the chosen one for all masses and classes for long.

[This is a Guest Post by Ms. Swati Narayan, an avid blogger by herself and a recent visitor to bricks-n-mortar(dot)com. Ms. Narayan is a senior HR executive working in Gurgaon using Delhi Metro services for commuting between her work and home located in Delhi. Readers are encouraged to send in their contributions/ guest posts/ queries/ etc. to team(at)bricks-n-mortar(dot)com]

Post title: Salient observations/ complaints/ suggestions/ viewpoints that Delhi Metro Rail (DMRC) must look into ASAP!

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  1. Very rightly pointed out. I'm glad someone took pains to list them out and that the same could be posed to DMRC for any foreseeable solution. As such the service is good, but it can be made better

  2. Wonderful post depicting exactly what I always wanted to say to the metro authorities. Though metro is much better than other available services but still it can be better

  3. I reguest you to please joint anand vihar metro station to dilshad garden metro station
    It will divert the rush of Rajiv metro station.thanking you

  4. Dear Mr. Goel,
    Though we understand the necessity of such connection as you've suggested, but any such request has to be made to DMRC and more directly to the Delhi Government.

    It is anticipated that the 3rd phase of Delhi Metro implementation that is being finalized at present, may look into such much awaited decisions that shall help in decongesting the maddening rush on busy sections.

    Your concern is well accepted. We would try to highlight the issue to the concerned authorities too. Meanwhile, we request people also to build some kind of pressure on the authorities by online or other ways. You may share this post and ask your friends and community to build a chain of mass support, as such mass reactions can bring about the needed results.

  5. Sir/Madam
    This is very bad to share this information with you that employee who generally seat at Metro ticket center, they do know how to talk or behave with the passenger. The reason behind saying so is because; I generally purchase my Metor railw ticket from ‘Jatin Das park’ as I am staying nearby that place only. However ,the one person whose name is N.C Dey who generally seat at the ticket counter of Jatin Das Metro Station (Kolkata), does not know how to talk with the passenger ,he is very rude in his behavior . If I have a 10 rupee note and ask him for a ticket of 4 rupees he rudely replies(also abused) that you have to wait as I do not have any change though he keep changes in the box. Not only that when I said that I will ome inside and see whether yo have any change or not he replied that I will deposit you over here. Just imagine if a passenger has been standing in a long queue for a long time and after reaching at the ticket counter again he has to wait, how he feels at that time. I agree that sometime you do not have any change and we have to wait however this cannot be a situation for every time. Today the same thing happen with me once again while was going to my office and could reach my office at correct time just because of this bullshit reason.
    Sunil Majumdar

  6. Dear Mr. Majumdar,
    Your message is very clearly showing how angry you are with the kind of ill-treatment you've gone through. There are instances when personnel employed by DMRC aren't behaving as they should be with the public, who are their customers, and this must be set right by reporting the matters to the concerned authorities.

    In the meanwhile, we would like to suggest you another way out to make your journeys by Delhi Metro easier. It seems from your message/ comment that you are a regular rider of Metro. Like thousands of people do, please get yourself the automated prepaid card made at any of the DMRC counters which can just like be any prepaid card of mobile phones, etc. The card has a security deposit of Rs.50 which also can be redeemed back anytime whenever you deposit your card back (obviously in good condition). THIS WOULD FREE YOU FROM THE HASSLES OF PURCHASING TICKETS ON A DAILY BASIS and you can very well avoid people like Mr. N.C.Dey. And moreover, you get a discount of 10% on the fare every time you use the Metro service.

    Do share your new experience when you start using your prepaid card. Keep visiting us and sharing your views. Thanks for writing in. Hope you have a smile on your face by now :-)

  7. is there any rules regulations for TO in delhi metro?nobody is here to listen TOs problem their point of veiw.they blame TO if they do't follow the rules if they follow the rules they also blame.they said that your behaviour,attitute not good.what shuold TO do?is it any kind of dadagiri?DGM TO have no sence how talk to employees he behave such he is giving salary to all TOs.i am also TO there is no transperacy in delhi metro.without any reason they are suspending TO OF HCC CREW CONTROL please stop this

  8. I have observed men regularly occupying the Vestibule between First (Reserved for Ladies) & Second compartment forcing Females to brush past them, while shifting to the compartment internally.
    It is suggested that these 'Romeos' should be pulled out and paraded or at least educated.
    If requested, I can provide the time and location.
    If other passengers have observed the same, they may also come forward and second the suggestion.

  9. It has observed that because of very low fare people are traveling in Metro unnecessare. There is need to incresed the METRO FARE three times more urgently.

  10. Dear Sir,

    I am a resident of Mayur Vihar Phase-I.

    This has reference to your Metro construction of Pink Line, which you are expected to be completed before Dec 2016.

    In this regard, I want to give a suggestion regarding the name of the station in between Mayur vihar phase-I and Trilok puri.

    I found the station name which you have given in your projected Map as "Mayur Vihar Pocket-1". The name is not suitable since one side is Pocket 3 and the other side is Pocket 1. any of the residents of this pocket will hurt since you can't give both pocket name.

    to avoid this situation I can suggestn more ideal name for this station as "Mandir Vihar" or " Uttara Guru vayoor Temple" or "Ram Mandir"or "Mandir Nagar". because there are 4-5 temples in the immediate visionary of the station. If you are giving a pocket name it is not justifiable to either pocket. If you do not like the stations which I previously mentioned then you can also give a name like "RTO Mayur Vihar" also. think about it.


    Raveendran Nair

    Kindly consider this if it is possible.


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