[Q&A]: Getting rid of the blue-green algae that grows on walls and floors during rains

Ms. Rashmi Pinto asks via our Contact Us weblink available at our blog:

Every monsoons or periods of continuous rains, blue-green algae grows all over on our external surfaces, be it boundary wall, courtyard, etc., which doesn't get cleaned by detergent or other household cleaning agents, no matter how much I try.

This looks very ugly and takes away all the sheen off the home's exteriors.

Please suggest a simple household way on how to get rid of the blue-green algae that comes on walls and floors during rains?
Unwanted blue-green algae outgrowth on exteriors during & after rainy season

Team BRICKS-n-MORTAR replies:

You can put in use the commonly available off-the-shelf chemical  in medical shops or large general stores, called the 'bleaching powder'.
Use bleaching powder to get rid of the blue-green algae from external surfaces
Bleaching powder, also commonly called as 'chloride of lime', is a strong bleaching and disinfectant agent that is available to households as a white or nearly white powder. It is usually a mixture of calcium chloride hypochlorite, CaCl(OCl); calcium hypochlorite, Ca(OCl)2; and calcium chloride, CaCl2.

Bleaching powder, when comes in contact with air and water (usually in the form of moisture in common household circumstances), evolves chlorine and hence acts as a disinfectant and germicide since it liberates chlorine on exposure to air and water, which destroys germs, algae, bacteria, etc. It is also used commonly for bleaching coarse fabrics like cotton, wood pulp and paper.

All one needs to do is to sprinkle the bleaching powder on the algae affected surfaces, be it on floors or walls, and leave the chemical to react for some time. Please take note that the chemical may take away the wall paint too, so take proper precaution and decision as where to apply.

Once the chemical starts reacting with air and water, it evolves chlorine, which in turn would help removing the blue-green algae. Simply scrub, broom and wipe the surfaces to make them clean again.

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