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Today, the 5th day of June, is the World Environment day.

I've read quite a lot of articles in the news prints as well as watched many a programmes on the TV today about the topic. All of these programmes and newsprint articles essentially comprised of eco-awareness debates, news round-ups, sponsored construction project propaganda (ofcourse it means the paid commercial content on the TV by respective realtors), and what not.

While most of the printed / telecast content focused on telling what are Green Buildings, thereby stressing the plus points that we the earthlings can harness adopting such green way of living; the others focused on describing carbon credits and how irresponsible we have become by not adopting the new mantra of green living.

But, it was this small printed content in India's one of the leading media house's newspaper- Mail Today -- that stood out of all the other content.

Though I've not taken their formal permission to share this informative content on this blog submitting this in the form of a guest post, yet I do firmly believe that sharing such real-meaningful informative newsprint-content is alright in all senses since this is the right kind of information that one would need so as to understand the real meaning of GOING GREEN.

Sharing herewith the content with due credit to the people behind this content in Mail Today. This content lists out and briefly explains about the 5 common myths that we all usually associate the Green Buildings Concept with...
  1. A green building is one that is surrounded by a tree cover: Not necessarily. It is about the right mix of design and construction techniques, materials and implementation which determines a green building.

  2. Green housing is expensive: Actually green buildings can be cost-effective. Green buildings offer a lot of savings in the long run through energy savings. This helps the customer to repay the additional costs within three to four years. Reasonable levels of sustainable design can be incorporated into most building types at little or no additional cost

  3. Golf course is a great example of a green development: On the contrary, golf course is one of the most non-green development factors. It consumes high volume of water and fertilizer

  4. Green building is all about technology and material: Yes, and more. Green buildings are not only about the materials and technology used for the construction. Importance is also given on the location of the building, sunlight penetration and wind direction. Moreover, such buildings also take into account water efficiency, rainwater harvesting, etc. It’s about understanding the locality of your building

  5. Green buildings do not look good and have a weird architecture: With new architectural designs, green buildings can actually be quite attractive. The application of design expression is no different from traditional architecture.
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  1. This guest post has been received from Jhumpa Lahiri, who is an interior designer practicing with one of the largest realtors in India.

    Thanks Jhumpa for sharing such valuable content. Due credits must also be given to the source newspaper that Jhumpa has mentioned.

  2. Till I read this post, I always used to believe that Green Homes had only to do with having a lots and lots of plants, trees and using minimum power only.
    Suggesting you guys to post some more serious stuff explaining better for can easily be interpreted by Green Homes.
    Thanx a ton


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