[Go Green]: About Failing Climate Summits & Green-talks of Kyoto, Copenhagen & the entire World in general

The ongoing 'green talks' at the world's largest summit till date on climate change and damage control (Officially called the United Nations Climate Change Conference) being held from Dec. 7 to Dec. 18 at Copenhagen are slowly and steadily becoming a classic cacophonous case of "Who'll Blink First?", with none of the parties engaged in the so-called dialogue willing to give in to the others' demands.

Inside the Bella Center at Copenhagen, the venue of the year 2009 climate summit, where hundreds of world leaders and/or their respective representatives along with thousands of delegates from over 190 countries are gathering for the largest climate summit in history, trying to attain a common ground following desperate talks, endless debates, high drama and eclectic atmosphere galore.

The developed nations are hell-bent in getting the 'draft' painted their way with no particular (harsh) commitments on their part in the years to come; while the rest of world (G77 countries + African countries + Others) are jostling their way to keep the draft of the Kyoto protocol also in place alongside which can take care of their sustained economic growth provisions while committing on the cutting the carbon commissions as well.

As the summit's deadline is nearing, more and more chaos and differences are arising. Seems, it would take more time for peoples' representatives of this world to be aboard a common ground for working together towards the betterment of mother earth.

Go greenSo, what does it all mean to common people like you and me?  Nothing significant in immediate terms one may say...  BUT perhaps could be existence threatening in distant future of the coming generations.

No matter if the talks work out or fail for now, do pledge to contribute your small yet-so-very-important bit by adhering to at least a few of these eco-friendly methods and habits, like:
  • conserving energy to whatsoever extent possible
  • reducing wastes and carbon emissions at personal, official and social places
  • contributing for the sake of recycling things, wastes, etc.
  • using energy efficient appliances and accessories
  • constructing buildings and infrastructure using the 'green buildings' norms
  • taking all those possible steps which can make your existing homes, offices, surroundings, etc. as eco friendly as possible
  • imparting knowledge and common know-how to physical and virtual communities around you
  • starting groups and action committees at whatsoever level... big, medium, small; which can spread the good work
  • run campaigns to let others also follow your example
  • and, foremost, CHANGE YOURSELF into a real eco-friendly entity. As it is said so very commonly...  charity begins at home. SO START AFRESH and MAKE THAT CHANGE  :-)
Do share with us what other steps can common people like you and me can adopt to contribute our bit. Share your story with us and our readers if you have one. BRICKS-n-MORTAR would feel privileged to share this noble cause on this e-community too.

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  1. Good post, good cause, good effort. Its time we all wake up to this monster of a problem called climate change


  3. The developed world will never allow the rest of the world to have its due. They have the might of funds and technology, and their intentions have never been to let others grow.

    All the present day's mess has been created by these developed countries only. They want others to bear the brunt of their misdoings.

    India, China and the third world countries, etc. are right in their demand. Lets all promote the right, and not blindly follow what the biggies are drafting.


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