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A recent USA visitor to your favourite blog BRICKS-n-MORTAR.com posted a message to us asking about the merits and demerits of HOME INSULATION, and to have our opinion whether she should go for it or not? Team B-n-M, therefore, hereinbelow this post explores various related ifs and buts, dos and don'ts, merits and demerits, etc. on this issue so as to provide ample information to our reader who asked question about 'home insulation' besides sharing the outcome of the analytical findings of Team B-n-M with all other readers and visitors alike.

What is home insulation / building insulation?

To proceed any further with this article, let us first ponder upon a while on the dictionary meaning of the term 'insulation'.
The term 'Insulation' is usually used in Civil Engineering / Architectural jargon to refer to the infill and/or applied material that provides the parent body (on which insulation is done) a sort of blanket cover so as to not let the main weather indicators (heat, cold, temperature variations, etc.) change the near-ideal comfortable environs of a dwelling - be it a home or an office or any other constructed or fabricated unit.

Benefits of getting home insulation done

In simpler practical terms, getting the buildings properly and adequately insulated is the perfect way of providing an effective and continuous barrier between the conditioned indoor spaces and unconditioned outdoor spaces of any particular building. This makes sure that the insulated boundaries of a home (or any building in that matter of fact) will not allow the soothing heated-up environs within during the winters to loose heat, while ensuring that the air-conditioned cool ambiance is not leaked to outsides in summers. Thus without losing the useful inhouse radiant heat in winters and/or gaining the unwanted surroundings heat in summers, it thereby helps a household to maintain a more consistent level of comfort throughout a house, thereby lowering the extents of power / energy / utility bills up to considerable levels.

A few key benefits, therefore, of getting the buildings insulated being:
  • reduced energy bills due to reduced variability in radiant (ambiance) inhouse temperatures and thereby reduced usage of air conditioners.
  • reduced carbon emissions, also known as greenhouse gas emissions, due to less usage of air conditioners and fuels.
  • reduced variability of inhouse temperatures in various parts of the homes (like not too much difference between ground floor and attics and basements, etc.)
  • efficient energy management
  • enhanced life and stability of building due to lesser effects of temperature variations on intrinsic construction and interiors related materials.
  • enhanced fire protection of building components.
  • better mortgage and/or resale value for the building.
  • almost nil demerits of the system.
  • last, but definitely not the least, a sense of safety and completeness to your beloved and cherished home showing you care for it.

Conclusion and suggestion to the readers

All in all, referring to all the benefits of housing insulation besides insulating all kinds of buildings in general, it seems prudent to go for it taking services of the suppliers/ providers of repute in one's region who have long standing credibility behind their names. Based upon our extended online and offline search in your region in the United States of America (i.e., the region where the reader who posted this query lives), one such credible party that is having a good name for insulation for houses is sent to you by private email too, as you had desired. You may consult them for a free evaluation of your home and take an appropriate decision thereafter. As for our advice, we would advise you to go for insulation of your home, as it would surely reduce your annual energy bills for one since as per one recent report, heating and cooling account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average American home, and you can very well comprehend what kind of figures it would translate into; isn't it? 

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  1. nice post. it really saves recurring costs, particularly the energy bills. a must for every home i would say


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